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Board of Directors

Brett Shannon (Chairperson)
I am a Ngugi descendant of the Quandamooka people and have always had a strong interest in working in Indigenous health. I completed human movements and business degrees before undertaking my Masters in Applied Epidemiology, while completing a range of projects in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Services. I am currently a medical student at the University of Queensland and look forward to contributing to the further development of ATSICHS Brisbane services.

Pele Bennet
Pele is a descendent of the Waggadaggam People from St Paul�s Village on Moa Island in the Torres Straits. Totemic association: Kadal (Saltwater Crocodile) & Baidham (Tiger Shark). She was born and raised in Brisbane and is a proud member of the Indigenous community of Brisbane.
She has been employed within the health sector (both government and past employee of ATSICHS) for approximately 13 years. During this time she has continued to maintain a clear sense of obligation to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities by developing strategies in health programs.
In various roles within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community she has continually advocated for early intervention, prevention and primary health care services and continues to support and encourage active participation.
It is not only part of her working role, but just as importantly as a Torres Strait Islander woman, mother and extended family member, it is her cultural obligation to address the priorities of her community for better health outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South East Queensland.
Pele has a Bachelor of Health Science (Aboriginal Community Development).

Aunty Margaret Lawton

Jon Willis (Skills-based Independent Director)
Jon is currently employed as the Academic Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit at the University of Queensland. His qualifications and experience include a Bachelor of Arts A (Hons) Anthropology UNSW (1980-83), MLitt Sociology UNE (1988-89), PhD Tropical Public Health, ACITHN, UQ (1992-97).