ATSICHS Brisbane Jimbelunga IFACSS IYHS
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Our History

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane formally commenced operations in 1973 at a converted shop front in Red Hill.

In 1976, ATSICHS moved to South Brisbane where the service continued to expand and in 1981, the Council of Management again sought new premises to accommodate the many programs that the service was providing. In 1985, ATSICHS moved to 10 Hubert Street, Woolloongabba, in a location that was historically close to where large numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lived in Brisbane. In 2006, ATSICHS was moved to temporary premises in West End as a result of plans for the construction of a major tunnel in Brisbane.

In 2008 the organisation formally changed its name to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS), in recognition of the two distinct cultural sub-groups that make up the Indigenous population of Brisbane.

In 2009 ATSICHS completed major capital works and commenced expanded operations at Woolloongabba, Woodridge, Northgate and Acacia Ridge.

ATSICHS has now grown to be one of the largest Indigenous community organizations in Queensland, and proudly remains community-controlled and managed. It is the only Aboriginal community controlled health service operating in the greater Brisbane region, and provides a diverse range of health and ancillary services in a culturally appropriate setting to Indigenous clients throughout the Greater Brisbane Area with the main service located at Woolloongabba and with satellite services at differing times over its history in the suburbs of Inala, Woodridge, Acacia Ridge and Sandgate.

The current range of services include: general clinic, dietician and diabetic educators; family and child health; antenatal clinic; paediatric clinic; youth clinic and services; women�s health; men�s health; eye clinic; podiatry clinic; healing centre; hearing clinic; and dental.

As a primary health care service, ATSICHS plays a key role in ameliorating the impact of social, political and environmental factors on health status by enhancing access to culturally appropriate and high-quality services that target priority conditions at key stages across the life course.